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Health Policies

Policies and Controls

Safety Policy
Waste Disposal Policy
A Paperless Laboratory

    Laboratories deal patient samples as potentially infectious and record all spills and accidents. Strict dress code is followed and safety measures are recorded at departmental and organizational level. Emergency exits are indicated in the lab premises, labels and cautionary signs are in place and all high voltage areas are marked. The labs have fire points, comprehensive fire plans and fire alarms to deal with unexpected happening. Civil defense refresher courses are held on regular basis for the lab staff and fire drills are carried out. Emergency numbers are pasted in different areas of the lab.


    Detailed instructions are laid down for collection and disposal of waste generated in the lab. Waste is segregated into recyclable and non recyclable and later is further segregated into bio hazard, inflammable and toxic. Biohazard waste is segregated into sharp, soft solid and liquid. Wastes are disposed of according to the type of material. The lab complies with the instructions given by Ministry of Environment, Punjab.


    Health Ways Laboratories have a custom designed software and a strong IT support system. The laboratories are shifting to paperless where manual records and documents are being phased out.